From the onset, innovation and foresight has distinguished our sister company Aifield Access Inc. from the competition. By studying our client's operations and objectives, Airfield Access' proactive approach enables us to respond quickly to the traditional and evolving needs of our clients. As a specialist escort security service provider to airports, with no outside business interests, we recognized the time sensitivity of client and construction schedules and have combined experience with discipline to effectively manage the largest Airport construction project in Canadian history.

In order for Airfield Access Inc. to further expand its horizons we created a full service security company. Utilizing our hundreds of thousands of man-hours of airport security experience and developing a team of security managers from within the G.T.A., with over 75 years of industry experience, we combined to form a new solution based company.

A.S.P Incorporated was established in April 2000 in response to market demands for a reliable security service company to provide long term alternative security solutions for private and corporate clients. Our top priority is client and personnel satisfaction. Our ongoing dedication to the needs of both our customers and our employees will help us gain recognition among our clients as a sound investment for the future.

A.S.P. Incorporated has recognized a need in the industry for more effective security services not only within the G.T.A. but throughout the golden horseshoe. In a turbulent and constantly changing society, security personnel are required to not only act as a deterrent to the criminal element but also as proactive and effective problem solvers for corporate clients and their tenants. In order to effectively create this persona, management and supervisors must work as a team to provide all the necessary support within the organization for the front lines as well as for the clients.

A.S.P. Incorporated is a corporation developed on the belief that an organizations success is dependant on two fundamental principles, its people and the clients they serve. We have established a series of objectives to further these principles and ensure productivity in all that we do. These objectives give the corporation character and allow for employee growth and development, which in turn will minimize turnover.

In 2004 A.S.P. Incorporated achieved their ISO 9001:2000 certification. Our success was based on the fact that from inception, ISO was a part of our vocabulary. In 2005 we successfully launched our new division A.S.P. Incorporated Residential Services. In 2006, we were ranked 8th in PROFIT magazines list of Canada's Fastest Growing Companies; making us the highest ranking security company ever listed. Finally, in conjunction with our Mission Statement A.S.P. has opened its first National Office in Calgary Alberta. The ability to begin to realize the Mission Satement is a testiment to the dedication of our employees.