As a corporation, we feel that each of these objectives establishes a solid framework for an effective and efficient security operation. A.S.P. security services shall effectively reduce costs and/or risks incurred by our clients in time delays, guard fees, back charges and, most importantly, safety and security.

  • The Client is First and Foremost
    A.S.P. Inc.'s' top priority is client satisfaction and through our ongoing dedication will help us gain recognition among our clients as a sound investment in the future. By focusing on our client's needs for today and tomorrow, A.S.P. Inc. is able to provide long-term alternative solutions.

  • There is No Compromise for Safety and Security
    Our commitment to a safe, secure and efficient operation is the cornerstone of our business. Consequently, we consider safety and security training as essential to maintain a workforce of the highest quality. The result of this dedication will produce more knowledgeable and effective guard services.

  • Productive Environments Create Effective Employees
    A.S.P. Inc. is committed to the development and maintenance of a working environment that is conducive to the effective utilization of human resources. We have established a staff development program, which will result in enhancing the capabilities of the internal staff which, in turn, allow each member of the team to become a positive force in accomplishing planned changes.

  • Planning and Scheduling
    A.S.P. Inc. has invested in highly advanced scheduling/planning software and support systems that allows for staffing excellence. This long term reliability and quality services means our clients can depend on A.S.P. Inc. for timely response and superior performance today and tomorrow. Scheduling objectives have been exceeded during the past operating year.

  • Communications Creates Solutions
    A.S.P. Inc.'s proactive approach in all facets of its business dealings will create a successful communications net which encompasses clients and employees. We meet routinely with our employees and clients to find out what they need and want. Then we apply our expertise to the areas where we can contribute.

  • Training will create Innate responses
    A.S.P. Inc.'s focus on training will develop positive actions and reactions in our staff. This will be fostered through a continuing method of recurrence training. This continual training will result in better-motivated employees who handle situations in a textbook manner.