Pre-Employment Procedures

All applicants considered for employment with A.S.P. Incorporated will be thoroughly screened by the dedicated Contract Manager and Human Resource Recruiter.

Before being considered for employment with A.S.P. Incorporated, each candidate is required to complete a detailed application form and complete a questionnaire. A resume is also required with each application. Resumes are checked and verified to ensure their accuracy. Each package is then reviewed by the contract manager prior to selecting those to be interviewed. Applications and questionnaires are reviewed for accuracy and English writing and speech skills.

After interviews are completed a short list of potential employees is formatted and references are gathered and checked. All reference checks are recorded on the approved form and outline former work habits, attitude and the ability to work with or without direct supervision.

Upon successful completion of the interview and reference checks each candidate is given a pre study package, which they are expected to learn and understand. This package has been designed to judge the candidates ability to learn and assimilate written information.

Successful applicants are then afforded the opportunity of continuing with the training program. Employment is conditional on the successful completion of the Basic Employees Training Program, First Aid, CPR and the above stated criteria.

Criminal Records & Background Checks

A.S.P. Incorporated recognizes the need to assess all potential and existing employees for criminality. All persons offered employment with A.S.P. Incorporated are required to complete the Pre-Employment Inquiry Release form, authorizing background and criminality checks to be conducted. All new candidates are required to submit a clear criminal history abstract. Current employees are required to update their abstract annually. All records are entered into the employees file at Head Office and will be made available to our clients.

The Criminal Records Check is a search of RCMP national databases for the possible existence of criminal convictions and outstanding charges. The following information contained in national police databases may be considered for release when it is deemed appropriate:

  1. Outstanding entries (i.e., charged & wanted persons)
  2. Records of criminal convictions, as the records exist of the date of the search
  3. Findings of guilt where a pardon has not been granted