Aviation Security Guards

Airports are currently the most sensitive security environments in North America. It is the directive of our officers to ensure the safety and security of all visitors and employees within the airport infrastructure. In an effort to ensure the viability, integrity and success of the PSL, emergency response, door patrol, parking control, access and egress control, pass control as well as any security initiatives; we ensure our staff are trained beyond expectations. Recurring training is vital to the implementation of any security program within this environment.

Millions of passengers and thousands of employees consistently interact with security services at all levels. Specific customer service training is provided in order to ensure positive interactions.

Finally, our organization has responded in force to emergency demands with less than one hours notice. We have provided over 50 guards within the hour during the Air France disaster, furthermore, we have effectively responded to every major event in the last fifteen years from SARS to 9/11. We recognize the fluidity within the airport environment and the employees we provide are willing to adapt and execute our client's demands.

Residential Security Guards

Integral in any Apartment, Rental and Condominium complex is a thorough understanding of the tenant mix. This understanding, once recognized, allows us to supply a guard which complements the personality of the location.

Our Residential guards are selected to be site-specific. Their innate ability for customer service, proactive approach and commitment are the key identifiers we use in our hiring process.

A.S.P. has created a special division solely dedicated to Residential services. Our A.S.P. Residential services is our solution to the challenges our ever expanding multicultural market presents.

Commercial and Industrial Security Guards

Commercial and Industrial locations all offer unique and specific challenges to the security provider. Recognizing those challenges and implementing a program of effective security includes a diligent and competent security team.

A.S.P. guards are trained to seamlessly fit our clients environments. Our dedication to our staff is reflected in the dedication our officers have to our company and the clients we serve. This can be seen in their on-time performance, response to additional requests, willingness, and pro-activity.

Our industry generates 37 Billion dollars per year in revenue. Staying competitive means reinvesting in our people, training programs, new technologies and support staff. It is this reinvestment which allows us to manage one of the lowest turnover rates in the security industry.