The past twelve years have represented an astonishing change in our industry. Governments have completely revamped security policy, terrorism has maintained its status as the number one threat to G8 countries, billions have been invested in electronic countermeasures and biometrics. Physical security and asset protection firms have been expected to continuously improve and overcome challenges presented to them nationally and globally.

The Transportation industry has been faced with the most crippling challenges of all, 9/11, Spain, Japan, the London bombings all have targeted the most populace areas within our social infrastructure. This disturbing trend has resulted in the continuous modifying expectations of all our clients from all facets of our industry. These changes must be adapted to by their provider of choice quickly and effectively.

A.S.P. Incorporated recognizes the need for a security firm to provide depth, flexibility, experience and training to ensure results which in turn equates to the effective delivery of service. This requirement also means that the company of choice must have a solid financial resource base as well as a long-term dedication to the contract. A.S.P. Incorporated is pleased to provide a turnkey service that will display all of these qualities.

At A.S.P. Incorporated "Security Matters"™. This expression is a trade mark of our organization and speaks profoundly to our companies primary focus.

Dean Lovric
Chief Executive Officer
A.S.P. Security Services